We have had our own carpentry for years now where we confection all kinds of products which our clients ask for, as well as being complete with specialized machinery to guarantee a totally optimum and singular final result.

Puertas y Herrajes de Cocina


What better way to dress your home than with magnificent wooden doors? Make sure that the traditional doesn´t get outdated giving it your own style.


Everything which hides behind them deserves good protection, and nothing can guarantee that better than one of the most antique and used materials of all time.



The best phrase for defining this section is: careful where you step. This is why our parquet is perfectly created so that it´s maintenance can be as simple as possible and its durability optimum.


Sleeping easy can also mean beauty and elegance. Our beds, forged with the best wood, are thought of so you can completely relax and get up with energy every day.



The large wooden dining table, a bedside table, maybe the garden one? There are infinite possibilities.

Decorative Furniture

Any kind of furniture you have in mind to decorate your home, just let us know and we´ll create it.

It´s true that lots of times we see furniture we like, but for sure we all know that our homes deserve handmade furniture. Why settle for what everyone else can have? Don´t doubt it, at Procuina we are experts in carpentry.



Because why settle for the same thing that others may have? Don’t hesitate, at Procuina we are experts in carpentry.