Designer kitchens, carpentry
and bathroom cabinets
in Mallorca

Reform Your Kitchen

Design of personalised kitchen units

At Procuina we are experts in the creation and design of kitchen units and other spaces, and we take care of every detail so that each of your spaces reflects the best of your personality, so that for once and of all, your home will be just that:  your home.

Together with different manufacturers of the sector and with a total quality guarantee, we specialize in creating designer kitchens, and personalizing them to your own taste, no matter whether you prefer a modern kitchen or a traditional kitchen.

Doors and fittings

Kitchen doors are own of the elements which give most character to the room, and that´s why we have different options which you´ll be able to see here: for sure you´ll find what you´re looking for!

Work surfaces

The place where most of the culinary preparation is carried out must also be one of the most practical, clean and also prettiest parts of the kitchen. At Procuina we have a large range of work surfaces to choose from so the final touch to your kitchen can be immaculate.


Each and every one of the appliances of our kitchen will make the workload split in half, and that´s why we wish for them to have great quality and to offer the best help possible. At Procuina we have a wide selection of kitchen appliances from some great brands such as :the BSC group, Blanco or Teka.

Complements and Accessories

Tables and chairs are our places of meeting and rest, where we all get together to enjoy delicious food prepared in our kitchen, and of course, an important decorative element. Check them out!

Carpentry in Mallorca

We have our own carpentry where we elaborate all kinds of furniture under our client’s requests.


At Procuina

we have it all

Bathroom units

The bathroom is one of the most intimate places of the house, so it´s furniture should correspond accordingly.

Each and every one of them is made to measure, because in the end personalized furniture is what best reflects the owners character.