Kitchen Accesories

Tables and chairs are our places of meeting and rest, where we all get together to enjoy delicious food prepared in our kitchen, and of course, an important decorative element.

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Complementos y Accesorios de Cocina


The place of reunion, where families and Friends share moments, and what gives life to the room. Check out our selection of tables and choose your own.


The same as tables, they are a fundamental part, because if you´re sitting comfortably, time will fly without you even noticing.

Complementos y Accesorios de Cocina
Complementos y Accesorios de Cocina


Saving space has never been so easy. High modules, low ones, corner ones, Wall mounted, on-counter, are just some of the options we offer for you to keep everything clean and tidy.


Lighting is an essential aspect in any project.

Aesthetics, craftsmanship and technology combine to create original environments in kitchens.

Accesorios de Cocina - Procuina

They are nearly as useful as the actual kitchen, and in the end, they are what helps us organize everything in its place.