Nobody feels like preparing food which all the family is going to taste on an old, warn out, or simply bad quality worktop, right? At Procuina we make sure that each of the products you leave on it will be completely protected, and that´s why we offer diferent ranges.


Quartz work Surface

Quartz is one of natures most resistant materials and perfect for impacts, humidity and scratches.

Quartz work surfaces also guarantee a wide range of colors and textures, as well as antibacterial and knife-proofones.

Naturamia Granite Work Surfaces

Created from beautiful natural Stone, our granites are, as well as a classic, a re-modernization of the kitchen, giving life and neutrality.

They are heat resistant, stain proof and antibacterial, as well as having a 10 year warranty, because we wish to take care of you and your families wellbeing.


Post-formed Work Surfaces

Those which can offer us most variety of shapes and colors, and some can even imitate the shine of marble.

Porcelain Work Surfaces

Using natural materials, our Neolith porcelain work surfaces give us unique characteristics in the world of work surfaces.

*They are light.
*Completely hygienic and perfect for being in direct contact with food.
*Support pressure perfectly.
*Don´t wear down.

Their wide chromatic range not only guarantees that you´ll have a different product, but also a unique one, because it´s formed by natural materials which guarantees that the colors vary slightly, ending up with a unique and singular piece.


We specialize in creating designer kitchens, and we customize them to your liking.