The commodities which some products give us in our day to day routine are priceless, and sometimes our day to day lives don´t allow us to give our kitchen as much time as we´d like to. And what´s a kitchen without its appliances? The brands we work with are highly valued by their users (Power Grupo, Blanco and Teka).

The same as everything, at Procuina we wish to offer you the best products, so here we present you with a selection of appliances which will fit in perfectly with the needs of your kitchen.

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We have different types of ovens which adapt to your kitchens measurements and design.



The place where fire cooks your food, a place of final elaboration. We know how importants this section is for you, and that´s why we have different options to make your selection easier.

Gas Hobs

Traditional hobs with all the modern technology, to allow you to calculate the exact temperature your food needs.

Inducction Hobs

The safest ones, because they heat the area where the recipient is. They are the most efficient as they don´t leave waste heat.

Vitroceramic Hobs

Very similar to induction hobs but which heat all of their surroundings, allowing the adaptation of any kind of recipient, small or large.


Coffee Machines

Here´s hoping these make getting up every morning much easier. Fast and of good quality, that´s how we like our coffee.



This marvellous invention allows us to not only re-heat food, but also to prepare delicious recipes in just minutes.


Avoiding smoke and smells is now possible without having to give up peace and quiet, thanks to the elegant design and maximum quality of our products.

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Heating Modules

Don´t let you food ever go cold! Our heating modules offer different possibilities, which go from defrosting foods to slow cooking.

Fridges & Freezers

Saving energy and preserving food is now possible thanks to these magnificent inventions.



Dirt is one of our worst en enemies, and that´s why we have an enormous range of these appliances which guarantee cleanliness and shine.

Washing Machines

Lots of times to sabe space the best thing to do is include the washing machine in the kitchen, and we have a wide range of them to show you.