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The ease that some products offer us in our day to day lives is priceless, and the fact is that the daily rhythm sometimes does not allow us to dedicate as much time as we would like to the kitchen. And what is a kitchen without its respective appliances? The brands we work with are highly valued by their users (Power Grupo, Blanco and Teka), check it out!

As we at Procuina are interested in having the best products for you, we present you with a selection of appliances to perfectly match your kitchen needs.

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We have different types of ovens to suit the size and design of your kitchen.



The place where the fire cooks your food, the place of final elaboration. We know how important this section is for you, and that is why we have different options to make your choice the ideal one.

Gas Cooktops

The traditional hotplates but with all the modern technology, as well as allowing us to calculate exactly the temperature that our food needs.

Induction Cooktops

The safest of all, as they only heat the area in which the container is located. They are the most efficient in terms of consumption as they do not leave residual heat.

Ceramic hobs

Very similar to induction hobs, but they heat everything around them, allowing them to adapt to any type of container, however large or small it may be.


Coffee machines

Our coffee machines make it easier to get up every morning. Fast and high quality, that’s how we like our coffee.



This marvellous invention allows us not only to recover food that has gone cold, but also to prepare delicious recipes in just a few minutes.


Avoiding the accumulation of smoke and odours without renouncing silence is now possible. Design, elegance and maximum quality in our products.

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Never let your food get cold again! Our heating modules offer various possibilities from defrosting food to slow roasting.

Fridges & Freezers

Saving energy and preserving products is now possible with these great inventions.



Dirt is one of our biggest enemies, which is why we have a huge range of these appliances that will ensure a magazine-worthy shine and cleanliness.

Washing machines

Often the best way to save space is to include a washing machine in your kitchen, and we have a wide range to show you.