kitchens and carpentry our story through time

Who doesn´t remember the days where everything was handmade? … every object had its own personals stamp, and there weren´t two items the same. It looks like today we live in a world trapped by hurries, but at Procuina we aren´t like that.

We don´t use new technologies to produce mass products, we use them to créate unique products, and to make the task of achieving our clients desired piece easier.

It´s more than 40 years ago since we embarked on this great journey with a human team, more than workers, which are now colleagues which share our day to day and help us to grow, not just as a Company, but as people also.


We have grown together and it prides us to say that our employees have stayed with us throughout the journey, from the very start until now, which we are currently a team of 12 people. Not only do they know our values perfectly, but they also have an enormous experience in the sector.

Also at Procuina we think of our clients as being part of us, so we wish to make things as easy as possible for them. That’s why we have our own fleet of vehicles and transport included throughout all the island, and the delivery of our custom made products is guaranteed within 30 days.

To finish up we must mention that our interior designers are at the service of any who requires them, and cap carry out any design proposed, because as Laura Esquivel the writer once said:

“I think today the kitchen is the last redoubt that the civilized world has left us to practice generosity.”