Modern kitchen with rustic touch

Lots of times we debate between different styles for our kitchen and we don´t quite end up agreeing. In reality, this is an error, because it´s true that choosing between different designs is difficult, but it´s also true that there exists the possibility of achieving an incredible final result: mixing two totally opposed styles.

In this case, we have observed that lots of people prefer smooth textures and white colours, and on the other hand, others adore wood and iron, so we have thought up a way of mixing these two completely different styles.

To start with, a kitchen with island is the most functional option. It´s the space which divides the different sections of the kitchen as well as offering comfort when it comes to working. This central island will mark how the general style of the kitchen will be, so if we wish to create a modern-rustic creation, the best thing to do is combine wooden doors with an off white or greyish work-surface. The door details, both for the island and kitchen, should be old gold, simulating a used look.

For the rest of the kitchen, the walls should be off white and some bricks left showing, which will fall in to place perfectly with ultra-modern steel appliances, as well as open wooden shelves which will not only offer space but will also be a way of guaranteeing we always have our utensils on hand.

The rustic style, in the end is what marks the details. A clear example of this would be to introduce an antique style hob and simple crystal clear lamps or industrial style ones. We can also find lots of curtains which can substitute classical doors. It was very common to find curtains in antique kitchens, and that allows us to save money and we can have the cupboard door open to give space or closed to guarantee privacy.

The extractor fan is also important. If we add a brick built unit for the extractor we can recreate an antique chimney. If we also paint it the same color as the rest of the wall, we will give a final touch which will integrate the room completely. Another piece of advice is  if you want your island to be used for having meals at, even just a snack, add some stools with white cushions and wooden legs so that they will look like another decorative element.

Of course plants can’t be missing from this type of kitchen. Green is the color which will give it warmth and make you feel like spending hours in it.