Made to measure kitchens

At Procuina we know that each of the details which make up your home are special and unique, and that´s why we care about creating furniture which fits in perfectly not only with your rooms, but with your way of life. Also, not only do we collaborate with a wide range of internationally well-known manufacturers, but we can also create made to measure units for you, which you won´t be able to find anywhere else, thanks to our sophisticated carpentry service complete with all the necessary machinery and materials to make your dreams come true.

Designer Kitchens starting with personalized kitchen units

Made to measure kitchen units are the unión between design, distribution and functionality, which will make your kitchen give out the sensation of harmony.

What we aim to do is create different furniture, to last a lifetime. We want your home to be an intimate place, but at the same time one which you´ll wish to share with everyone. Generic units don´t exist for us, like the ones you can buy in large diy stores; here, the only ones which exist are those individually thought of especially for you.

All of the products you can find at Procuina are of máximum quality, both using natural Wood or synthetic materials such as poli-laminated, formicas, lacquered… as well as finding all kinds of accessories for your kitchen such as modular furniture, doors, hardware and much more.

Modern kitchens to make your day to day easier

Innovation and transformation are the two goals we have when it comes to receiving a perfect final result. We look to achieve a balance between having a pretty kitchen and a functional one, where nothing is too close or far away, and where organization prevails creating a clean wide space.

We also want for your modern kitchen to be comfortable for working in, so you can create delicious dishes in it effortlessly. There are many small details which will help you create a perfect atmosphere; having a good posture, everything at hand, feeling comfortable…

What to have in mind when designing a kitchen

When creating a made to measure kitchen the different spaces which make up such must be kept in mind, in other words, the color, material etc.           In this post we will analyse some of the criteria we must have when it comes to choosing these factors:

Materials for kitchen units

Materials to be used for the units is one of the most important decisions, because they will be the final result of our choice. A bad material will not only not look as nice as we hoped for, but its durability will also be affected and could cause problems and end up costing money in the end. At Procuina we can provide cantered, lacquered, poli-laminated or wooden kitchens units, as well as having a collection for decorating them which includes patterns on some of them.

The color of the kitchen furniture is vital when it comes to guaranteeing the kitchen having light and a sensation of wideness and cleanliness. Once the color of the kitchen has been decided, it´s hard to change, because if you change just a simple table, then it can be out of tune with the rest of the furniture. Following we will describe some of the colors and what they represent in a kitchen, so we can help your decision making to be a bit easier:

Light colors

Light colors are more suited to those who wish to have it all clean and in its place , as well as inviting order and harmony.

For example: white. This color gives purity and widens the room, and we can achieve Nordic inspired minimalistic kitchens. It´s recommended to mix it up with beige tones or light wood, to not take away light from the kitchen, because if we use darker colors the sensation of space we are trying to create will be eliminated completely.

Warm colors

Warm colors invite you to spend time in the kitchen at any time, and to live in it. A good example of this are Mediterranean style kitchens, full of different tones which ooze wellness and happiness.

For example: a red kitchen mixed with lacquered white elements will give a sensation of professionalism and comfort which will make you want to spend hours in it. On the other hand a kitchen with mainly green tones will give us peace, and a black kitchen will add final elegancy.

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This is just a small dose of information which might serve as help for choosing your ideal kitchen furniture, so now all you have to do is make the final decision and start your kitchen with our furniture store in Mallorca.