Kitchen furniture which will save you space

There are as many different types of houses in the world as people who live in them: large, small, antique, new build… and if they all have something in common it´s the necessity of having a kitchen where their owners can set their creativity free.

Cooking is for lots of people one of the biggest pleasures, both for the stress therapy it gives, or simply because it´s another hobby.

At Procuina we are conscious of the necessities people have in these spaces, and the functionality which some kitchen units have to make tasks easier. Extractable units, separators or ones with separate shutter are those which will give your kitchen more space, as well as making organization easier. In this post we are going to talk about some of the tips to make your kitchen look bigger:

Breakfast bar

A breakfast bar or island is the ideal option for those who move around the kitchen a lot and will serve as both a work-surface for preparing food on as well as a table for eating at.

Kitchen separators

The feel of organizationwill also give you a sense of space, as well as being able to find what you´re looking for easily.

Adaptable chairs

Adaptable chairs are ideal for small kitchens which are used for both cooking and eating. These chairs will allow you to use them at meal times, and fold them away under the table when finished.

Between the sink and shelves there is usually Wall space which isn´t useful for anything, but that´s now long gone!

Make the most of this space by installing small narrow units with running doors, so that their opening isn´t obstructive and see how you can fill this space with hundreds of items which you´ll be able to access swiftly.

Frame the sink and hob

An innovative idea which will allow you to save the flooring and work-surface from stains which nobody likes.

Integrate appliances in cupboards

This is a good option if you don´t have a laundry room at home and you don´t want appliances such as the washing machine or dryer on show. This trick gives space to your kitchen and makes it uniform.

Combine cupboards with open shelving

This simple trick will make you have all products and utensils organized, as well as widening the kitchen visually.

If you can include a mirror in your kitchen, it will give the feel of grandness whilst reflecting the space.

This is a great recommendation, as well as making the most of natural light. A good window in a kitchen will not only help us eliminate odors but will also give a more pleasant sensation to the space.

choose neutral colors for your kitchen

Light colors give light and magnify spaces. Unit doors usually take up quite a lot of the kitchen, and a good option is to choose kitchen unit doors in beige or white colors.  You´ll also be able to choose whether you want them beveled, lacquered, poli-laminated, with decorations or even wooden. Visit our door section to be able to see some ofour proposals. The work-surface is also just as important in this aspect, because its where we carry out most of the work, and we don´t want to see dark colors which give us feelings of claustrophobia or dirtiness, right?

At Procuina we have a wide variety of colors and materials for you to choose which best adapts itself to your needs such as Postformed work-surfaces, Naturamia granite ones, quartz or even porcelain.

Also we must mention that having a small or large kitchen mustn´t limit its possibility of having all of its owners´ character.

At Procuina we have our own carpentry with all the necessary tools for you to have personalized and unique kitchen units.

We must be aware that a house won´t be changed many times in its lifetime, so that´s why we must be careful when it comes to choosing our kitchen units. An option which is too cheap or doesn´t adapt itself well to your style can end up being a bad choice, so let us assess you and you´ll have your very own stylish kitchen and everything you need for it to be organized.